Welcome to my 20s!

Last thursday i had the bless to celebrate my 20 Th. anniversary , i went to the VFNO here in Guadalajara , Jal.
I spent a beautiful night with all my partners in crime , i mean my mates at fashion school , so here they are some pictures of the event .
A new year of new adventures is waiting for me to be written and photographed so stay tuned! GB

September : ON

Hi there beautiful readers , it's been a while since my last entry, sorry about that . But i've been too much busy, getting back in to my third semester of fashion school and moving into a new city : GUADALAJARA , JAL.
So i am kinda getting to know once again this city and also making a new beginning here, for my second time of living far away from my hometown.
wish me luck because this just get started!